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The pubsub plugin implements a longpoll-based publish and subscribe middleware for Caddy. It lets you easily push event notifications to any practical number of web clients. To publish an event, post content that includes a category and body to the “publish” URL configured in the Caddyfile. To subscribe to published events, simply connect your web client to the “subscribe” URL configured in the Caddyfile. To manage the subscription connection, include the small, dependency-free file ps.js in your web application and use the non-blocking methods of a Subscriber instance.

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Simple publish and subscribe example
In the Caddyfile: pubsub /chat/publish /chat/subscribe From a browser or wget:

In this example, the body “Hello world” is dispatched to all subscribers of the “team” category. In general, you will want to restrict access to the publish and subscribe URLs, something that this example does not demonstrate.

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Plugin Author: Kurt Jung
Last Updated: 14 Jun 2019, 7:16 PM
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