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Create a config file like this example: gomods.test { gomods } The example above uses the default values for Go binary and number of parallel workers. To customize these values add these fields to your config file: gomods.test { gomods { gobinary /usr/bin/go workers 2 } } To enable caching you should also add the cache field to the config: gomods.test { gomods { cache } } Just like gomods itself, cache also uses its default values when not provided. You can specify fields like type and path to customize caching: gomods.test { gomods { cache { type local path /home/user/gomods_cache } } } To run Gomods use the following command:

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Local gomods cache
gomods.test { gomods { cache { type local path /home/user/gomods_cache } } }

Setup Caddy with gomods enabled with aocal gomods cache.

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