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User Guide


These documents describe how to use and configure Caddy.

If you're new to Caddy, try the Getting Started tutorial.

Once you know how to run Caddy, be sure check out the Caddyfile so you can configure your site.

← Use the links on the left (or below on mobile) as a page index. Most pages are organized by directive name. Directives are typically the first word on a line of the Caddyfile.
First line of the Caddyfile is the directive

The Caddy Forum

Give and get help with the fine members of our community. Discuss using Caddy at home or in production.

Report a Bug

Found something wrong with Caddy? It happens. Search for similar bug reports or make a new one!

Developer Wiki

Learn how to write plugins for Caddy and publish them to this website, or hack on Caddy in new ways.