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browse enables directory browsing within the specified base path. It displays a file listing for directories which don't have an index file in them. In other server software, this is often called indexing.

By default, file listings are disabled and a request to a directory path (where no index file is present) will result in a 404 for obscurity reasons.

This middleware may set cookies to preserve UI preferences if the user changes them.


browse [path [tplfile]]

A default template will be used if no template file is specified. Without any arguments, browsing is enabled on the entire site (path=/).

Template Format

A template is simply an HTML file with actions in it. The actions are parsed and executed to display dynamic content. This directive supports Caddy's template actions as well as some additional actions specific to the browse directive. You may use template actions that render this struct type (notice that some helper methods are available).

Here is a very simple example template:

		<title>{{html .Name}}</title>
		{{if .CanGoUp}}<a href="..">Up one level</a><br>{{end}}
		{{range .Items}}
		<a href="{{html .URL}}">{{html .Name}}</a><br>

... but the default template is nicer.

Notice that the name and URL are sanitized for safe rendering in a browser. Templates are presumed trusted, so if your file names are not trusted, be sure they are escaped for use in HTML documents.

JSON Response

You can ask for a JSON representation instead of a browse page by having application/json in your Accept header:

$ curl -H "Accept: application/json" 'localhost:2015/?limit=1'

The above example demonstrates how to ask for JSON, as well as how to limit the number of entries that we want via a query called limit. To yield the whole listing, omit the limit query.


Allow directory listings in all folders that don't have an index file:


Show photo album contents (in /photos) via a custom template:

browse /photos ../photo_album.tpl

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