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Always wanted to run Caddy as a service? Here's what you've been waiting for. This plugin was coded by me and Henrique Dias, who is the main contributor for File Manager. Notes: Notice that if you install the service with a name that is not the default's, you will need to specify it everytime you use one of the other commands using the flag -name.

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Install service
caddy -service install [-name optionalName]
Uninstall service
caddy -service uninstall [-name optionalName]
Start service
caddy -service start [-name optionalName]
Stop service
caddy -service stop [-name optionalName]
Restart service
caddy -service restart [-name optionalName]
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Plugin Author: Henrique Dias
Last Updated: 21 Feb 2018, 5:04 PM
This plugin is independent of the Caddy project and is not endorsed or maintained by Caddy developers. Use at your own risk. Do not file issues for this plugin on Caddy's bug tracker.