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Using cloudflare, or dnspod as in dynamic dns mode

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Full directive config example
dyndns { provider cloudflare ipaddress auth *****af380b8d3 *****@*****.com domains *****.com www.*****.com period 30m }

provider: cloudflare/yandex/dnspod - name dns provider; ipaddress: http/remote/local/ - get external IP from remote server (, or other with body in RAW format)/get remote IP auto in local mode/ get local IP auto)/Hand your IP; auth: AuthApikeyToken - authentification token and via space Email - email address (for yandex - not present); domains: name.tld - list of domains to update via space symbol; period: XXs/XXm/XXh/XXd - time period IP update (s - seconds, m - minutes, h - hours, d - days)

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